Open Data & m-Government Masterclass

Open Data & m-Government Masterclass

20 - 21 March, 2016

Sofitel Downtown

Open Data & m-Government Masterclass

20 - 21 March, 2016
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Open Data & m-Government Master class

A comprehensive training program designed, developed and delivered by Dr Jonathan Reichental, the award-winning CIO of Palo Alto and recipient of recognitions such as the “Best CIO in Silicon Valley” and one of the “25 doers, dreamers and drivers in American government”.


At the core of a happy, smart & data-driven government is its ability to communicate effectively with those it serves. This involves the art of listening, of including them in the decision making process, and in providing relevant information in such a way as to make it easily accessible, and simple to understand.

The target is to provide a trusted, reliable service, necessary legislation and the highest standard of business/living conditions to the jurisdiction it serves.

Open Data and m-Government are the foundations upon which tomorrow’s data-driven economy and 24/7 public service delivery models will be built. Leveraging and maximising on the opportunities these platforms provide will be the key differentiator between smart governments and their lesser counterparts.

Masterclass Leaders


Dr Jonathan Reichental

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
City of Palo Alto

Peer Review presents the Open Data & m-Government Masterclass

Masterclass Objectives

What you will learn:

  • The current state of international Open Data initiatives, including success stories and challenges
  • How to create invaluable programs to utilise the benefits of Open Data
  • Open Data best practices
  • Understand trends and create strategies to be a market leader in Open Data
  • The benefits to government, industry, and citizens in participating in mGovernment
  • Examples of mGovernments from around the world, including the good and the bad
  • Maximising the role of government in the apps economy
  • Understanding the relationship between Big Data, Open Data, and mGovernment
  • Techniques to craft an innovative mGovernment strategy

The following topics will be covered in detail:

  • How to design and build successful hackathons, meet-ups, and app challenges
  • Implementing a governance program to manage risk and unleash value
  • Basic visualisation techniques and the importance of story-telling with data
  • Broadening user base and engaging more stakeholders
  • Creating metrics to measure and communicate value
  • A deep analysis of the current leaders in mGovernment.
  • Managing the required process changes that come from mGovernment strategy
  • Understanding the value of the data layer in mGovernment
  • Uncovering and responding to possible cybersecurity and privacy issues
  • Designing and developing mGovernment strategies that prepare for the future of mobile services

Who Should Attend?

  • Undersecretaries, Director-Generals, C-level Executives,
  • Vice-Presidents, Deputy Directors
  • Heads of Smart Government & Smart Cities
  • Heads of Open Data
  • Heads of Policy
  • Heads of m-Government
  • Heads of e-government
  • CIOs, CTOs
  • Heads of IT & ICT
  • ICT Advisors
  • Heads of Strategy & Planning
  • Data Scientists & Intelligence Specialists
  • Heads of DATA

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